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What to do if you've lost your two-factor authentication method

Trying to log in and don’t have your two-factor authentication method? Learn about your options if you can’t get your 2FA code:

Use a backup code.
  • When you first set up 2FA, you were provided with a set of backup codes. Those backup codes might be saved on your computer, in a password manager, or printed out and saved in a filing cabinet.
  • Enter one of your backup codes to log into the CRM. Each backup code can only be used once, and should not be used regularly to login.
  • Once you’ve logged in, turn 2FA off. You can turn 2FA on again with a new method if you’d like.
Ask an admin to turn 2FA off.
  • Admins can turn 2FA off for users on their account. If you have other users on your account, ask an admin to turn 2FA off for you.
  • Admins can learn how to turn 2FA off here.
Account recovery.
  • The account recovery method is the last option available to regain access to your account, and should only be used if you lose both your 2FA method and backup codes.
  • When you first set up 2FA, you were prompted to select an account recovery timeline. You'll be locked out for the number of days you selected without your authentication method or backup codes.
  • You'll need to contact us to start your account recovery period. We’ll send you an email with a link to officially begin the account recovery countdown.
  • Once the account recovery period is complete, you can log in again, and turn 2FA off. You can then turn 2FA on again with a new method if you’d like.
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