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Unapproved email addresses

Learn more about approved and unapproved email addresses in the CRM:
  • Our email logging tool lets you save copies of emails you’ve sent or received to your CRM.
  • The CRM will only log emails that have come from or were sent by one of your approved email addresses.
  • Your account’s login email address is automatically approved - add any other email addresses you personally use on your Email Settings page.
  • If an unapproved email address attempts to log an email to your CRM, the email will not log, and we’ll send a notice to your account’s listed email address.
Reasons you might receive an unapproved email address notice from LACRM: 
  • You attempted to log an email sent to or from one of your email addresses that wasn't yet listed as “approved” in your CRM.
  • While sending an outbound email, instead of placing your logging address (xxxxx@logemail.lessannoyingcrm.com) in the BCC: field, you placed it in the CC: field. One of your recipients “Replied all” to that email, sending their response to your email logging address. Because your recipient's email address isn't one of your approved email addresses, the email did not log, and we sent you a notice.
  • Note: if you receive a notice about an unapproved email address from us, it’s just to let you know that an email was not logged to your CRM. Unlogged email attempts do not have any bearing on the security of your account, so not to worry!
  • Have questions about why you received a particular notice? Contact our support team at help@lessannoyingcrm.com.
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