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Logging emails

Here's how to save copies of your emailed correspondence on your contacts:

  • First, find your unique email logging address on your Email settings page.
  • Make sure any email address you use is listed on that page as an "Approved email address."
  • To log an outbound email, BCC your CRM email logging address before sending. LACRM will log a copy of the email to the contacts in the To: and CC: fields only.
  • If you're already in the CRM, click on a contact's email address to launch a new outbound email in your default email program, and it will log automatically to the CRM. (Please note: you can set this up the first time you click on an email in LACRM, or go to your Email settings page to set it up.)
  • To log an inbound email, forward the received email to your CRM email logging address. LACRM will log a copy of the email to the sender's record, including any attachments.
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