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Log Email Communication with a Contact or a Company

Less Annoying CRM uses an email logging feature that allows you to store all your communication with any contact/company in the CRM for posterity. Your CRM account comes with a specific email address that you’ll need to look up and add to your email’s address book—you can find it on the Email Sending page under the Settings tab.

Using email logging is simple:

When someone sends you an email, log it in the CRM by forwarding it to the email address you'll find at the top of the settings page. LACRM will automatically figure out who sent the message and log it in that contact’s activity feed.

When you send an email out to someone else that you’d like to log, use the BCC field to discreetly copy it to your email logging address, and LACRM will record that email, too. It’s that simple!

Less Annoying CRM automatic BCC dropbox

You can also set your CRM to automatically add your email logging address to the BCC field when you click email addresses in the Less Annoying CRM system. You can find this option on the aforementioned Email Sending page in the Settings section. Simply look below the email logging address for the "Auto-BCC" option and click Turn on auto-BCC to enable this feature. You can turn it back off at any time.

There’s only one other thing to set up to make sure this works smoothly—to prevent you from being spammed, the email logging feature will only accept emails from approved email addresses. Your login email is approved by default, but you can enter more approved email addresses in the left column of the Email Logging settings page. Once an email address has been added to this list, it will be allowed to log emails—great if you want to add a second business email or your personal email. Make sure to click the Save email addresses button!

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