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Turning on two-factor authentication

Learn how to turn 2FA on here:

Go to the "Profile and login info" page under Settings.
Under the "Login info" section, select "Set it up now" below the "Enhanced login security: Two-factor authentication" option.
In the dialog that opens, select how you'd like to receive your login codes. There are three options to choose from:
  • Authenticator app (recommended). This requires installing an authenticator app on your phone, which will generate codes for you. We recommend the Google authenticator app, but an authenticator app will work.
  • SMS. This requires receiving a text message with your 6 digit code. This option is less secure than an authenticator app, and there can be delays in receiving text messages from your carrier.
  • Email. This requires receiving a temporary email with your 6 digit code. This option is less secure than an authenticator app, but it is more secure than not having 2FA enabled.
Next, save the unique backup codes that appear in the dialog.
  • Note that each backup code can only be used once, and should not be used regularly.
Please note: you must use your selected method to generate login codes in the future (app, SMS, or email). If you lose access to that method, your backup codes will be the only way to quickly regain access to your account.
After saving your backup codes, select a timeline for account recovery.
  • The account recovery option will be used if you lose access to both your authentication method and do not have your backup codes.
  • The account recovery timeline will be the number of days you'll be locked out of your account without your authentication method or backup codes.
Going forward, you'll need to enter a secure code every time you log into LACRM.
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