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How to Edit Your Existing Groups

To edit existing groups, mouseover Find a Contact in the navigation bar and select “Manage Groups” to the right of “Jump to a Group.” You can also access this page through the full settings section, under the Settings option in the navigation bar. On the Manage Groups page you can delete a group, rename an existing group, or change the privacy settings of a group (to make a group visible, or invisible, to other users).

Private groups, visible only to you, are listed at the top of the page. To make a private group public select Make public, on the right side beneath the group name. Similarly, to make a public group, which is visible to everyone, private, select Make private beneath the group name. Please be aware, you will need to have administrative privileges in order to make a group public or private. To change the name of any group, simply select Rename to the right of the pencil icon beneath the group name and enter the new name, being sure to hit save. To delete a group, choose Delete beneath the appropriate group; deleting a group will remove the group itself, but all contacts within that group will remain in the CRM. 

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