How to Create Custom Contact Fields

We realize that it’s impossible for us to anticipate every little thing you’ll want to be able to collect about your contacts or companies, so you can add any kind of field you’d like to your contacts and companies. To do this, just go to the Settings section in you account and click Custom Fields.

Custom Contact FieldsCreating a new custom field is easy. Just click the big “Create a new Custom Field” button at the top of this page and enter a name. That’s all there is to it! These fields will then show up when you add, view, or edit your contacts. When you search, the system will also check these fields for results.

But wait! Don’t go creating a thousand custom fields just yet! Custom fields are designed to handle the kind of information you collect for most or all of your contacts only. Got some details about how you met someone or other random information about a contact? Don’t clutter up your contact editing pages with another field you’ll only use every once in a while—stick that kind of information in the “Background Info” field. We’ll search that area, too, so you’ll be able to find that information just as easily, but you won't have to search through a ton of fields to find the ones you actually use regularly.

Some examples of fields you might want to list are account ID numbers, who referred this contact to your business, the spouse name of your contact, or anything else you can imagine.
Note: There is another type of custom field associated with pipelines which has different functionality and displays the information in a different location. If you're confused about the difference, let us know! We can help you decide which one to use.

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