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Simplii VOIP integration with Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM and Simplii integration

Simplii is a VoIP service provider, offering web-based phone systems to small businesses. Simplii customers can integrate their VOIP account with their Less Annoying CRM account to streamline workflows and log data to their contacts'/companies' histories in LACRM.

Google Chrome users can install Simplii's click-to-call extension to enable dial-out directly from the Less Annoying CRM interface—this extension will format phone numbers in the CRM as clickable links that can be used to either call or text (SMS) without having to navigate away from the CRM. The extension will also show a "call pop" box that will include a link to the caller's CRM profile, when applicable. The call pop can also be used to make notes that will log back to the contact's history in Less Annoying CRM.

Simplii Call Pop

Call logs, including call recordings will all log back to your CRM account automatically, regardless of which of Simplii's platforms you use (the browser-based call pop, a softphone application, a smartphone app, etc.), and without any manual syncing required.

Simplii Call / Text Logs in LACRM

Simplii always offers a personal, hands-on setup process, in the course of which the Simplii team will help you port or create your Simplii number(s), connect your Simplii account to Less Annoying CRM, and install the necessary software for your preferred dialing setup. Just reach out to their team through their website or via phone to learn more.

Note: The integration is built by the Simplii team, and therefore Less Annoying CRM cannot offer support for the integration itself. If you have questions about setting up the integration or troubleshooting issues with it, contact Simplii for support!

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