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Integrating Simplii with LACRM

Simplii is a VOIP service provider, offering web-based phone systems to small businesses. Simplii customers can integrate their VOIP account with their LACRM account to streamline workflows. Learn more about the Simplii integration here:

  • Simplii's integration will log calls, including call recordings back to your CRM account automatically.
  • Simplii offers multiple platforms; a browser-based extension, a softphone application, and a smartphone app.
  • Simplii offers a hands-on set up process, during which the Simplii team will help you connect your Simplii account to LACRM and install the necessary software for your preferred dialing setup. Reach out to Simplii directly to learn more.
  • Please note: The integration is built by the Simplii team, and therefore Less Annoying CRM cannot offer support for the integration itself. If you have questions about setting up the integration or troubleshooting issues with it, contact Simplii for support.

See a full list of all our integrations here.

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