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Pinning a note

Note: the method outlined below will walk you through how to use backdating notes feature to "pin" a note to the top of a contact’s history- this is a workaround based off the backdating tool and this feature wasn't designed explicitly for pinning notes.

Here’s how to pin a note to the top of your contact or company’s history.

If you're creating a new note:

  • When you're done entering your note into a contact's History, select the calendar icon to the right of the "Save note" button.
  • Choose a date sometime in the far future, and select “Confirm," then "Save note." Choosing a future date ensures the note will stay at the top of the history.

If you're editing an old note:

  • Click on “Edit note” underneath the note.
  • Change the date of this note in the "Date" section of the pop-up box. Select a date sometime in the far future and select “Save changes.”
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