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Do you have an app?

While you won’t find LACRM in the iTunes or Android app stores, the web app is designed to work with mobile devices. Opening the CRM on your mobile device will look familiar, but with a layout that's optimized for your screen. The biggest change from desktop to mobile is that the navigation and page menus are collapsed into tabs at the top of the screen:

The mobile site will function on any phone with a modern web browser. If you’re not sure whether it’s going to work, it can’t hurt to try; unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it will work on every device out there, but the vast majority will support it with no trouble at all. Here are some thoughts on common mobile device types:

  • iPhone: Navigate to the mobile site using Safari (see image at right). Log into your account using your usual credentials, which will take you to the mobile Dashboard. Once there, press the center button in the navigation bar (a small arrow coming out of a box) and select “Add to Home Screen.” This will allow you to place a shortcut to the CRM on your home screen along with your other apps. (Note: In older versions of iOS, the icon in the toolbar may be a "+" sign instead of the arrow/box icon.)
  • iPad: Similar to the iPhone, you can pin a shortcut to the website to the Home Screen of your iPad. However, you will find the menu to perform this action at the top of the page in the iPad version of Safari. Touch the icon of an arrow coming out of a box to pop down a menu, and select "Add to Home Screen." (Click here for a screenshot.)
  • Android devices: You can pin the mobile site to your homescreen on a mobile device, so that you can use it just like you would an app on your phone. You'll need to be using Chrome as your browser to do this. Simply bookmark the site (press the "star" icon in the menu once logged into the site), then open your bookmarks and press and hold the bookmark for Less Annoying CRM. The option to pin the mobile site will show up in the menu that appears.
  • Windows Phones: You can access and log into the site from your Windows phone, and also pin the site to your main screen.

Note that accessing the mobile site requires a connection of some kind—either you must have a connection to a data network (e. 3G/4G), or you must have access to a wireless network. There is no offline mode for the Less Annoying CRM mobile web app.

If you have any questions about the mobile site or how to get to your account from your phone or tablet, don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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