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Maximize your emails: Send each list the same blast to email everyone

Staying in touch with your customers is an important part of any business, and using email campaigns to periodically update your customers can be a great way to keep your business at the forefront of their minds. You can use LACRM’s integration with MailChimp to send out directed email campaigns and newsletters to promote the items a customer is most interested in. But sometimes you might want to send out a holiday campaign or yearly update to your entire customer database!

If you want to send out targeted email campaigns and email all of your contacts, you can make a list with every contact and keep separate lists for certain segments. However, this is more work to maintain since you’ll need to add contacts to each targeted group and your master list separately, and it means you’re being double-billed for a subscriber. Instead of using a separate master list for all contacts, you can maintain the targeted lists and duplicate a campaign or create an email template to send to each of those lists to make sure everyone gets the same email, without double-counting subscribers.

Please note: MailChimp is a separate program from LACRM, and we can only offer tech support for our own software. We don’t expect you to have any problems following these instructions, but MailChimp may change their application or these instructions could get out of date. If you have any trouble with this you’ll need to contact MailChimp for support related to email campaigns and templates.

If you haven’t yet, you can setup the MailChimp integration using these instructions. The MailChimp integration works by syncing a group in LACRM to a list in MailChimp, and you can group contacts based on their location, what product they’re interested in, or any other relevant information to make sure that every campaign you send is specific to a contact’s needs. If you haven’t set up groups in LACRM yet, you can learn how to group contacts here. When you set up the sync, you’ll want to be sure to sync each group to the corresponding list in MailChimp. Additionally, be sure to sync only one group to one list, you should not sync multiple groups to the same list, or multiple lists to the same group.

Please note: you will need to have exporting turned on in order to use the MailChimp integration. If you do not see an option for the MailChimp integration, you may need to change your settings or contact your administrator about turning on exporting.

You can use each unique group to send a relevant email to a subset of contacts -- whether that’s reaching out to contacts in a certain area that you’ll be visiting soon or alerting everyone interested in a particular product that it is going on sale. When you want to send the same email to everyone instead of syncing a new group with all contacts, you have a few options to copy a campaign in MailChimp.

1. Replicate the Campaign.

After you've created your campaign and scheduled to send it to one list, you can replicate that email to send to multiple groups. First you’ll need to log in to MailChimp, if you haven’t already. Navigate to the "Campaigns" page and click "Create campaign."


Select one of the lists you'd like to email as the recipient. Customize your email, and then schedule or send the email. Once the campaign is saved, you can replicate it to send to other lists. Navigate back to the "Campaigns" page and find your campaign in the list. On the right hand side of your campaign's row, you'll see a button that says "View Report" or "Pause and Edit," depending on whether or not you sent or scheduled your campaign. Click the downward arrow next to the button, and choose "Replicate."


For your replicated campaign, just choose another list as the recipient, and schedule or send the campaign. Do this until you've sent or scheduled your campaign to send to every list you want to email. You can also check out MailChimp's help article on replicating campaigns for more information:


2. Use Templates.

You can create a template to send to each MailChimp list separately. The template allows you to create the email only once and send it to each different list so you don’t need to manage a separate list with all contacts, which would also count each of your subscribers twice in MailChimp.

Creating a template in MailChimp is easy! First you’ll need to log in to MailChimp, if you haven’t already. Then, you can choose “Templates” from the upper left side in the navigation bar:

From there, you can see a list of templates you’ve already created in the middle of the page or choose “Create Template” on the right to create a new template.

Once you’ve selected “Create template,” you can choose the basic layout you’d like to start with and then start filling in the email with text and images. If you need some time to decide what to include in the email, you can always choose “Save and Exit” in the bottom right to save what you’ve done, and return later to edit the template. MailChimp also has a handy tutorial on creating a template, and you can find that here:


When you’re ready to send out the email, you can return to the templates page in MailChimp. This time, instead of creating a new template you can click the arrow next to “Edit” by the desired template and select “Create campaign.”

Next you’ll need to select the appropriate list for the email and enter a subject line. You can also preview the template again and make any specific tweaks for this list that you’d like. Once you’ve selected the list and made any tweaks you like, send it out! That will send the template out to this list, and you can repeat these steps to send the same email out to each other list so that you can email all contacts the same email without being double-billed for each subscriber, or having to create the same email over and over again.

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