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How to Track Different Event Types for your Business

Note: This is an article that was written before LACRM supported multiple calendars. These tips still work, but the best way to manage multiple event types are with different subcalendars now!

With all of the meetings, appointments, and deadlines of any business, a calendar is an essential tool to help stay organized. Calendars are great for keeping things running on time and providing reminders for everything you have going on throughout the day. You’re probably already using your calendar to do just that, and categorizing the type of event can help you stay even more organized!

One handy trick is to use a prefix to denote different types of events within your calendar. You can include as much text as you’d like within the Event Description field, and adding a prefix helps make it even more clear which area of the business an event applies to.

By using prefixes in the event name, you can see at a glance how many events you have relating to every aspect of your business. You can use prefixes for shipping orders, billing, when newsletters should be sent, or events related to a specific project you’re working on. And those are just a few examples! You can use event prefixes for anything else that helps you keep track of the different categories of events that you keep track of everyday.

If you work with a team, you can set standards for the event prefixes everyone uses to make sure you’re all on the same page. The prefixes can also be handy if someone is on vacation or out sick, as another team member can pick up their events and see what part of the business it’s related to at a glance!

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