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How to reassign and group contacts in bulk

There are a few easy steps to take to transfer contacts in bulk from one user to another.  Transitioning the contacts between users is an important step to ensure each user can access the necessary data and groups can be used alongside reassignment to track the history of a record’s ownership.

First, go to the Contacts page to view all contacts and companies.  There, select “Filter by user” in the page menu on the left. Check the box to the left of the user whose contacts you would like to reassign to someone else and hit “Apply Filter.”

Now that you have a list of all contacts assigned to that user, check the “Select All” box located in the lower left corner. Next, select “Add to a group” from the bar at the bottom of the page to add all of these contacts to a group. If you haven’t already created a group, simply type a group name in the text field next to “New Group” to create a group on the fly. This will allow you to easily find and view contacts based on the original owner once they have been reassigned to someone else.  After adding the contacts to a group, check the “Select All” box again, choose “Assign to a user,” and then select the new user to reassign those records.

That's it! The contacts and companies are now assigned to the new user and you can easily access those contacts through the group you created.

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