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My users can't see my groups! How to make a group public

Groups in Less Annoying CRM can be private or public. Public groups are visible to everyone on the account, while private groups are visible only to the person who created the group. If you have a private group that needs to be shared, you can edit the permissions of the group to make it public. Please be aware that normal contact permissions apply within a group, and making a group public does not make all of the contacts in that group visible to every user.

Note: only administrators can make groups public. If you don’t see this option, you’ll need to ask an administrator on your account to make the group public for you.

If you mouse over “Contacts” you can select the “Manage groups” link to the right of “Groups.” On the next page you’ll see a list of groups, with your private groups at the top and public groups below.

You can then select “Manage permissions” below the desired group name. In the dialog that appears, choose “All users on this account (public)” and then be sure to save it. That will make the group name public, so everyone on the account can see the same group name.

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