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How to find contacts that haven't been updated recently

You can use Less Annoying CRM to manage your contact database, but sometimes you need to check to make sure your contacts are being updated. There is a filter in the CRM that you can use to find contacts that were last updated on or before a certain date, so you can make sure your contacts stay up-to-date. One important thing to keep in mind is that multiple actions count as updates for contacts. For example, if you edit a phone number, save a note, add a contact to a group, or log an email those will all change the updated date for that contact.

To pull up a list of contacts that haven’t been updated recently, you can first go to the main Contact list. In the page menu on the left, you should see a section “Filters & Sorting.” Within that, you can select the “Add a filter” option.

Add a filter option

In the dialog that appears, you can select “Date contact was updated” in the dropdown.

Date contact was updated filter

Next, select “is on or before” and then choose the appropriate date. For example, you can select October 1st to find all the contacts that were last updated on or before the beginning of October.

Date contact was updated is on or before filter

When you apply that filter, it’ll pull up a list of contacts that were updated on or before your selected date. In this case, that means a list of contacts that were last updated on October 1st, or before that. But remember, there are a few different actions that will count as updates to the contact. If you add a phone number, save a note, or add the contact to a group those all count as updates, and will change the last updated date for the contact.

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