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How do I sort my contacts by when they were updated?

​You can sort your contact list so that your contacts appear in a particular order. Sorting will only change the order in which contacts appear, it won’t reduce the number of contacts that appear. To sort your contact list based on when the contact was updated, you can go to the main contact list. In the page menu on the left side, under “Filters & Sorting” select “Sort by.”

Please note: a contact is considered updated when you save a note, log an email, edit contact details, add the contact to a group, or assign the contact to another user.

Contacts page menu

In the dialog that appears, select “Date contact was updated.” If you’d like to see contacts updated the longest ago first, select “Earliest to latest.” If you want to see contacts updated most recently first, instead select “Latest to earliest.”

Sort by date contact was updated

When you sort the results, your contacts will appear in the order you selected based on when they were last updated. The updated date will appear just below each contact name, so you can see the date and time they were last updated from the contact list as well.

Contacts sorted by date updated
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