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How to create sub-groups

While Less Annoying CRM doesn’t have the ability to nest groups, you can use a naming convention to create sub-groups. Each group is listed alphabetically, so you can include the general category as the first part of the group name. Then, enter the more specific detail as the second part of the group name, and all of the groups with the same general category will be listed together.

For example, if you work with different types of vendors you can add each to a unique group to help segment them. You can start each group with “Vendor” and then add the more detailed information after that, like “Vendor - Contractors” or “Vendor - Attorneys.” Similarly, if you have a few ongoing marketing efforts you can categorize each one by starting the group with “Marketing” and then adding the detail for that campaign. For example, you might have groups for “Marketing - Monthly Newsletter” and “Marketing - Special Deals Only” to help segment clients that want more regular communication, and clients who only want to know about specials. Since each of those groups starts with the same word, they’ll be listed together in the Contact menu for easier access.

Sub-groups by naming convention

To edit your groups, mouse over “Contacts” and select “Manage groups” to the right of the Groups header. You can use the button at the top of the next page to create new groups, or select the “Rename” link beneath an existing group to edit the name.

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