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How to add text message reminders for events

Less Annoying CRM allows you to receive calendar notifications by email, but sometimes you don’t have time to check your email for new reminders. You can set up the CRM to send out text message reminders instead of, or in addition to, email reminders when you want to be sure to stay on top of an upcoming event.

Once you’ve verified your phone number in the CRM you can change your default event reminder settings to always get a text message, or update an individual event so you get a text message reminder for that big quarterly meeting coming up.

Please note: SMS notifications are only available in the US, Canada, and the UK at this time.

You can set up text message notifications by mousing over “Settings” and then selecting “Notifications” in the menu.

At the top of the next page you’ll see a section “Contact preferences.” Within that you can select “Add a phone number” next to the “SMS” option. You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number, and then we’ll send you a code. You’ll need to enter that exact code to verify your phone number.

After you’ve verified your phone number, you can set up text message notifications. If you scroll down on the same Notifications page, you’ll see a section for “Default event reminders.” You can change your existing email notifications to SMS there, or add a second reminder so you receive both an email and SMS reminder. Be sure to save any changes!

If you don’t always want to get a text message notification, you can also edit the reminders for an individual event. When you create or edit an event, you can choose “Add a reminder” near the bottom of the event dialog, and then add an SMS reminder for just that event.

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