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How can a CRM help your employees?

Many articles about CRM (and CRM companies themselves) focus on the managerial benefits of moving to a CRM. However, if you have a team and you plan on inviting them to the CRM, it’s also important to consider how your new database will benefit employees, too. If your employees aren't using the CRM, new data isn't being added. And if the data in your CRM isn't up to date, it won't be useful for anyone at your company, including managers.

A great way to motivate your team to take up the CRM? Explain how it will benefit them, not just the company and managers. If users understand that the CRM will make their life easier and improve job performance, they’ll be more likely to work through the initial learning curve and embed the CRM into their daily workflow.

Below, I’ll cover some points you can bring up with your team in order to show them how the CRM will benefit them.

  1. A CRM can keep you organized. Do you have a contact list on your phone, spreadsheets, and email (dare I even ask about the shameful stack of business cards you haven't touched since that conference)? With a CRM, you can keep all of your records (and tasks and sales) in one place. And, you can take LACRM on the go so that you always have your data by your side. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting a flash drive at home again.
  2. A CRM can prevent leads and tasks from slipping through the cracks. When you set a task in LACRM, we'll remind you to get it done -- you don't have to remember which leads or clients you're focusing on when your work is organized in your pipelines and calendar.
  3. A CRM can help you impress clients and leads. Before a call, read your CRM notes so that you can pick up where you left off and wow clients by recalling specific details.
  4. A CRM can create a record of your work. With a CRM, you can use your Activity, Pipeline, and Task reports to account for your work each day and even pull sales numbers. By tracking your activity, you can easily share your reports and successes with your team and employer.
  5. A CRM can lessen your mental load. A CRM can take some stress off your shoulders. With a CRM, you don't need to remember every to-do and every client detail; all of that info is in your CRM, a.k.a. your second brain.

Need more help motivating your team to use the CRM? Check out this recommended reading:

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