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How to add contacts or companies to a group in bulk

Groups are a good way to segment your database and tag records based on shared characteristics. Groups also make it easy to export a list of contacts for running a mail merge or importing into another system, and you can create groups for any tags or sublists that you’d like.

Once contacts and companies are in your CRM, you can bulk add the records into a group. If those records have a piece of information in common, you can use a filter to narrow the list to only the desired set of contacts and companies. Once you see only the contacts you want in the group, you can tick the “Select” all box in the lower left of the contact list.

A bar will appear above the selection, and you can choose “Add to a group” in that section. You can then choose the appropriate group name, or type in a new name to create a brand new group.

If the records you want to group don’t have any specific information in common, you can instead select them individually by ticking the small box to the left of each contact or company. After you have checked the box for all desired contacts, select “Add to a group” in the bar at the bottom of the page. Finally, choose the appropriate group name or type in a new one to group the selected records.

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