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Duplicating pipeline structure

In most cases, each pipeline is unique with its own specific statuses and custom fields. But sometimes there’s overlap between processes and it can be easier to copy an existing pipeline instead of starting from scratch. Learn how to copy an existing pipeline structure:

  • Not sure what a pipeline is? Learn more here.
  • Mouse over "Settings" in the navigation bar and select "Pipelines" in the menu.
  • Please note: only admins can customize and add pipelines. If you don't see that option, you'll need to contact an admin on your account.
  • Select the “Create another pipeline” button at the top of the page.
  • Choose “Copy one of your existing pipelines” and then select the appropriate pipeline.
  • Click on “Create this pipeline” to duplicate the pipeline structure.
  • The new pipeline will be named “Copy of [Original pipeline name].” Edit the pipeline name, statuses, and custom fields as needed.
  • Not sure if you need to duplicate a pipeline or customize an existing one? Contact us to discuss pipeline customization in more detail.
  • Accidentally added a duplicate pipeline? Learn how to delete a pipeline here.
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