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How safe is my data? Is it backed up? Can I ever lose anything?

Less Annoying CRM is hosted on Amazon Web Services—AWS, for short—in their North Virginia datacenter. We also keep a nightly backup of that database in an offsite location just in case the entire Amazon datacenter is ever shut down (in the event of a natural disaster, for example). Using AWS allows us to take advantage of Amazon.com’s industry-leading infrastructure to make sure that Less Annoying CRM is secure, reliable, and ready to scale smoothly as our company continues to grow.

In order to further ensure the safety of your company’s important data—a responsibility we take extremely seriously!—we run a real-time backup of our database on our servers. This ensures that that if there is an error that results in a loss of data (no matter the cause), we’ll be able to restore your account to how it was before that error occurred.

We also understand that it may help ease your mind to have your own personal backups of your CRM data, so we make it simple to download your own backups. Go to the Export Contacts page in your CRM and click the button to download an Excel file with all of your contacts, companies, notes, and status updates.

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