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Exporting All of Your Data out of LACRM

Here at Less Annoying CRM we know that your data is very valuable to you, and we want to make sure you can get your data out of the CRM if you want to. Here's how to export your information.

Please note: if you don’t see the exporting options below you may need to have an administrator on your account turn exporting on for you.

Exporting all of your data in bulk

If you mouse over “Settings” you can select “Export data” in the menu. On this page, you can export all of the data you can access within the CRM. You’ll find options for contacts and companies, uploaded files, pipeline reports, tasks, notes, logged emails, calendar events, and pipeline item updates. Just scroll down until you find the relevant section, and then hit the button to export that data!

That’s it! You can export each type of data, and you’ll end up with a few different files with all of your contact and company data, files, pipeline data, tasks, and event data. You can save these files to keep a local backup of your data, or use the files to transfer information to another system.

Exporting a subset of your data

If you're looking to export a specific subset of your data, you can find export options in the page menu on the left of individual pages in the CRM. For example, you can export a subset of your contacts by going to the Contact list directly. You can find filter options in the page menu, and when you apply any filters and then click on Export, your export file will include your filtered set of data. Here's what that export option looks like on the Contact list, for example:

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