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Exporting All of Your Data out of LACRM

Here at Less Annoying CRM we know that your data is very valuable to you, and we want to make sure you can get your data out of the CRM if you want to. Here's how to export your information.

Please note: if you don’t see any of the exporting options below you may need to have an administrator on your account turn exporting on for you.

Exporting Your Data in Bulk

You can find your Export Data page under the Admin Settings section of the Settings tab. On this page, you can export all of the data you can access within the CRM. You can find options for contacts and companies, uploaded files, pipeline reports, tasks, notes, logged emails, calendar events, and pipeline item updates.

Exporting a Subset of Your Data

If you're looking to export a specific subset of your data, you can find export options in the page menu on the left of individual pages in the CRM. You can find filter options in the page menu as well - when you apply any filters and then click on Export, your export file will include your filtered set of data. Here's what that export option looks like on the Contacts page, for example:


Events can’t be exported directly from the CRM, but you can use the sync with Google calendar to get the data out of the CRM, and then export the events in Google. In order to export the events, you’ll first need to set up the sync with Google calendar, if you don’t already have that turned on. You can follow these instructions to set up the Google calendar sync:


Please note: the Google calendar sync is a two-way sync. If you have events in Google that you would not like to sync to the CRM, or that you don’t want to export, you should sync LACRM to a new, blank sub-calendar in Google.

Once the sync has been turned on all events will sync over to Google. The sync can take a few moments, depending on how many events you have in the CRM. After the sync has successfully run all events will appear in your Google calendar, and you can then export the events from Google. You can follow these instructions to export events from Google, being sure to export events from the desired Google calendar (the calendar should be the one you set the LACRM sync up with earlier):


Now you’re done! You should have a few different files with all of your contact and company data, files, pipeline data, tasks, and event data. You can save these files to keep a local backup of your data, or use the files to transfer information to another system.

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