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All-day event visibility on limited sharing calendars

This article covers one of the intricacies of using multiple calendars with different sharing permissions in LACRM to manage your work and personal events. If you’re not familiar with multiple calendars in LACRM, we’d highly recommend starting with our article on how to use subcalendars and the various ways you can use them, which is available here.

Entering an event with a time on a limited sharing calendar will show as a “Busy” event so other users know you’re unavailable, but all-day events behave a bit differently here. Since all-day events may be used for personal reminders that don’t affect your availability for the day, showing a “Busy” event to other users for the entire day can be a bit misleading.

For example, if you have an all-day event “Remember to water the plants” other users might see an all-day “Busy” event and think you’re not working, but you’re really available and working as usual. Instead of showing all-day busy events that may not correspond to your availability and cause confusion, any all-day events added to a limited sharing calendar will be hidden from other users on the account. If you have an all-day event and you want others to know you’re busy that day, you should make sure that the event is on your primary calendar so that other users can see it. If you don’t want other users to see the specifics of that event, but you still want to know the details, you should create an event on the primary calendar to let others know you’ll be out, and add a separate all-day event on your limited sharing calendar that includes more detail for yourself.

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