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Two-factor authentication

Learn more about two-factor authentication: 

Two-factor authentication (or "2FA") enhances security by adding an extra step to the login process.

In addition to your password, 2FA requires a code that is sent to you in order to login.

There are three ways that you can choose to receive these special codes for login: authenticator app, SMS, or email.

  • Authenticator app (recommended). This requires installing an authenticator app on your phone, which will generate codes for you. Simply enter your email and password, open your authenticator app to get your 6 digit code, and then login.
  • SMS. This requires receiving a text message with your 6 digit code. This option is less secure than an authenticator app, and you can experience delays receiving SMS from your carrier.
  • Email. This requires receiving a temporary email with your 6 digit code. This option is less secure than an authenticator app, but it is more secure than not having 2FA enabled.

Regardless of which method you choose, you'll have a set of backup codes you can use in case of emergency.

Please note: It is extremely important that you save those backup codes in a secure location, since you'll need to use those if you lose access to your primary authentication method.

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