How much does SugarCRM cost in 2022?

Annual billing

SugarCRM Professional

$52/user/month (3 user min.)

SugarCRM Sell

$80/user/month (3 user min.)

SugarCRM Enterprise

$85/user/month (3 user min.)

Monthly billing

No monthly billing

Comparing CRM prices?

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What will I actually be paying per year?

Annual billing is often tempting because it offers a per user price that is slightly lower than monthly billing. However, annual billing requires you to pay for a full year either in advance, or by the end of the service year. As such, the true cost of annual billing should factor in the entire year.

The prices bolded below are the total upfront cost for a full year, for the minimum number of users for that tier.

SugarCRM Professional

  • $52 per user per month
  • Because you are billed annually, and there is a 3-user minimum, your minimum upfront cost is 3 x 52 x 12 = $1,872 (for three users)

SugarCRM Sell

  • $80 per user per month
  • Because you are billed annually, your minimum upfront cost is 3 x 80 x 12 = $2,880 (for three users).

SugarCRM Enterprise

  • $85 per user per month
  • Because you are billed annually, your minimum upfront cost is 3 x 85 x 12 = $3,060 (for three users).

When should I pay monthly instead of annually?

While there are many reasons why you would opt to pay monthly instead of annually (for example, the ability to switch CRMs whenever you want), one of the more straightforward reasons would be the duration of time you plan on using a CRM.

Listed below is the maximum duration of time you would need to use a CRM tier before it is more "worth it" to pay for a full year instead.

Other than price, how is each


tier different?

SugarCRM Professional

  • Includes lead and contact management, mobile app, activity streams, marketing tools -- the small business-focused version of SugarCRM sell (below).

SugarCRM Sell

  • Includes lead and contact management, sales forecasting, quote generation tools, custom reports, and workflow automation.

SugarCRM Enterprise

  • Is the on-premise version of Sugar Sell (features above)

*Note: SugarCRM is very opaque about the features they offer at each tier. The features described above don't indicate any limits, and reaching out to a SugarCRM representative will provide more information.

What are the limits on the free version of



Many CRMs offer a free version of their software with severe feature limitations. While appealing to small businesses or solopreneurs, most free versions are simply marketing tools to introduce new users to a paid tier and are not designed to be scalable.

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