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Learn how our Zapier integration can help managers and their teams!
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We recently launched an integration with a program called Zapier. You can read more about that launch here. Zapier is a tool that lets users build connections between apps. These connections, called Zaps, help you automate your workflow.

If you’re a manager, you can use these automations to make it easy to supervise your employees and help them succeed in their roles. Read on for examples of Zaps that can help you manage your team!

🕰Save time as a manager

1. Auto assign tasks to your employees

Do you have a task you regularly assign to employees? Use Zapier to auto-assign a task to them in LACRM whenever you move a contact to a certain pipeline status. For example, if you flip a contact to a status called “qualified lead,” you can build a Zap that will automatically create a task for an employee of your choosing with a task called “follow-up." Save yourself some time and send reminders to your employees automatically.

Make a zap so that whenever you update a contact to a certain pipeline status, a task is automatically created for your employee.

Click here to start building an automation in LACRM!

2. Integrate LACRM with Slack to get live notifications.

Do you use slack to communicate with your team? Set up a Zap so that whenever a new contact gets added to the CRM, an automatic slack message is sent to a particular team member. That way, you can be sure your employee is aware of the new contact they need to reach out to.

You can even step it up to the next level by getting Slack notifications sent out whenever a contact's pipeline status is updated in LACRM. This means that when a lead gets handed off to a teammate after a particular pipeline stage, you can automatically notify this teammate via Slack simply by updating the lead's pipeline status!

Click here to build a Zap that automatically sends a message to Slack whenever an LACRM pipeline status is updated!

🕰Save your employees' time

Zapier isn’t useful solely as a tool to make you more efficient. You can also use Zapier to cut down on work for your employees. Let your team spend more time on the work you hired them for and less time on mindless day-to-day tasks.

3. Integrate LACRM with your email program.

Save your team from having to manually send out stock emails. Instead, if a contact’s pipeline is updated to a particular status, have an email send out automatically.  For example, send an automatic thank you email to a new client or customer when you change a contact’s status to “sale won,” “new client,” or a similar status.

Set up a Zap to auto-send an email when.

Click here to start creating a Zap that integrates LACRM with Gmail, Outlook, or any other email program!

4. Integrate LACRM with a form tool

Your team will thank you if you integrate LACRM with a form tool using Zapier. Integrating LACRM with a form tool means your employees won’t have to add new contacts manually to the CRM as often. Instead, if a prospective client or customer fills out a form tool that integrates with Zapier, they’ll be automatically added to the CRM.

Click to start building a Zap with Google forms, Typeform, or any other form tool!

Taking steps like this to automate the tedious parts of your work as a manager will leave you more time for the important aspects of your job. Spend more time on high-level work and supporting your team and less time on mundane tasks.

Have questions about how you can build Zaps to best support your team? Reach out to us here!

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