Product Update: Sort by any field

Our reporting improvements continue with a major update to our sorting functionality.
Updated on:

As I mentioned in my last blog post, we're working on a series of improvements to the reporting options in Less Annoying CRM. We just finished round two of this project which was devoted to improving the sorting functionality on the Find a contact page, and the pipeline reports.

Previously, you could only sort by a few preset fields such as contact name, date entered, and date updated. Those options covered most common use cases, but we regularly heard from customers who wanted to sort by other fields for a variety of reasons. Well, now you can. You can sort by any field you want, including custom fields.

When you sort by a different field, we'll automatically show that field next to each result in the report so that you can easily review those values. We've also improved the language we use to make sorting even easier and more intuitive.

We hope you like the changes! We've got even more reporting improvements coming soon, so stay tuned!

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