Use Reform to collect and add contacts to LACRM

Updated on:
June 24, 2024

Update: Reform is no longer accepting new users of their integration with Less Annoying CRM as of June 2024. (They will still support existing users of the integration.) This article has been updated with that in mind, offering a different way of connecting LACRM to Reform via Zapier.

Reform is a form-building tool that lets you create and share clean, simple web forms to collect contact details. Build a connection between Less Annoying CRM and Reform via the third-party tool Zapier. Zapier is a powerful tool, with it's own pricing structure and learning curve. You can learn more about building a connection between LACRM and other apps via Zapier here if you are interested.

👊 How you can use Reform:

📧 Build a newsletter or email subscriber list

Have a newsletter or an email marketing list? Let your clients or customers join them easily by putting a Reform on your website! This way, someone can fill in their details just once, and get added to your CRM (and any other email marketing tool) automatically.

🤝🏽 Gather leads from a conference or webinar

If you have a booth at a conference and someone is interested in learning more about your product, just open up a Reform on an iPad or mobile device so that someone can fill in their details then and there. This will add them to your CRM and attach a pipeline to them to let you know they're a new lead.

💬 A "contact us" form on your website

If you have your own website, building a form with Reform and embedding it on your website is a simple way to connect everything together. A new contact can fill out this form on your website and get added to your CRM without any extra data entry on your end.

✔️ Collect reviews from your clients

Great reviews are valuable to any company but can be difficult to collect if you don't have a simple tool to use. Building out a Reform lets you have a permanent link that you can send to your clients any time you want to ask for a review. They can fill it out, send you a review, and this will update fields in your CRM account to let you know they've written a review!

Reform's Pricing

  • Free
  • Basic: $15/month
  • Pro: $25/month

View full pricing details here.

Setting up the integration

Learn more about integrating LACRM with Zapier here if you're interested in connecting LACRM and Reform via Zapier.

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