Product update: Contact photos, printing events and tasks, and more

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Like most people who have the option to do so, the LACRM is entirely remote right now as we shelter in place. But that hasn't stopped our product team from finishing some great improvements over the last couple of weeks...

Contact profile photos

This feature has been requested hundreds of times, and I'm excited to announce that it's finally here! Now you can upload profile photos on contact and company records so you can see a picture of the person (or a company logo) at a glance.

Photos are always displayed as squares, and if you upload a rectangular image, we'll automatically crop it to a square for you. But if you want to manually crop it yourself, just click the image on the profile and you'll see an option to crop it.

Printing events and tasks

When you open an event or task in your CRM, you'll notice a new "Print" option in the menu on the right side. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to stay organized if you're the type of person who isn't always looking at your computer screen.

Favicon color matches your theme


You know that tiny little icon that shows up on the tab in your web browser? That's called a "favicon". A while back we gave you the ability to change your LACRM color theme, but the favicon always showed up as our default blue color no matter what. Now, when you change your theme, the favicon will be updated to match. This is especially helpful if you have multiple LACRM accounts because it lets you tell which one you're logged in as just by looking at the favicon.

Converting old text fields to date or number fields

Until recently, the only custom fields you could create on contact and company records were text fields. As a result, many of our customers used text fields for things that were actually dates or numbers. A while back we added the ability to make other field types on contact/company records, but there wasn't a great way to move data into those new field types. Well, now there is! If you have an old text field that should really be a number or date field, just get in touch with us and we'll be able to migrate to the correct field type for you.

If you need to migrate old text fields to a dropdown or checkbox list, stay tuned. That's coming soon!

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