New features: Adding a contact from a field and new user pickers

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We have a number of field types you can use when you're creating a custom field to track whatever piece of information you need. Dropdown, checkbox list, text areas etc. can all be customized depending on what type of field you need. One of the newer fields we've introduced is the contact-link field. The contact-link field allows you to link to another contact or company in LACRM via that field. For example, if you have a custom contact-link field called "Referred by" on your contacts, instead of having to fill it in by typing someone's name, you can just select a contact that already exists in your LACRM account.

But what if that contact doesn't yet exist in your CRM?

Add a new contact from a contact-link field

In the past, you would have to X out of the page, create the contact you want first, then come back and link your existing contact to your newly-created contact. Not any more!

Our new "add a contact from a contact-link field" feature (catchy name, right?) will allow you to add a contact directly from your field itself. So now when you're filling out a contact-link field and realize that the contact you're trying to put in doesn't yet exist in LACRM, you can add that contact straight from the field:

Do note that this feature is specific to the contact-link field!

New user picker options

Something you may have already noticed is that we've just updated all the places in the CRM where you might filter for or search for a user. For example, now when you're adding a contact or user to an event, you can just hit 'Add attendee' and pick your contacts and users there:

In addition, you'll also see this new update when you filter to see a specific user on any report:

And also when you create a team:

We hope you like these new updates, and we'll be sure to let you know when we've got more on the way!

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