Who’s Who This Summer (2016)?

An introduction to our new team members
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With summer finally here, it’s time to introduce the world to our newest additions at Less Annoying CRM! Over the past month, we’ve added two full-time CRM coaches, three software development interns, and two CRM coach interns. All seven of our newcomers will spend the summer training for their current position, whether that be learning how to answer customer support emails or completing coding projects. CRM coaches typically devote their time to communicating with customers on the phone or via email, and learning the ins and outs of the software so they can better assist our users. Software developers spend their hours working on different programming projects (which you may even see the results of on the CRM itself). Asking lots of questions is encouraged in both departments! Daily tasks are punctuated by team meetings to discuss challenging issues, one-on-one talks with CEO Tyler King, and special individual projects.

Every employee at LACRM is also encouraged to branch out and try new things. Some of our interns and new hires this summer will learn new skills, collaborate with senior employees, or dabble in a different area of the company, like marketing, business development, or PR.

So what do you need to know about our new team members, other than the obvious (how smart, awesome, and incredibly talented they are)?

Less Annoying Interns in front of the arch

Why They Chose LACRM

All of our new team members agree: working at a startup is pretty cool. But standing desks and branded messenger bags aside, when our interns and new full-timers applied to LACRM, they were looking for a company that would allow them to learn new skills and take on significant and challenging work. Our software development intern Sam had three factors in mind when he chose to work at LACRM: “I love startups with principles, coding, and supporting local business.” LACRM is a great fit for Sam; here, he can write relevant and impactful code for a company that participates in the local St. Louis startup scene (and if you’d like to take a look at our principles, check out these blog posts on our company philosophy). CRM coach intern Varun was looking for a way to help people and gain real-world experience when he found LACRM; at work, Varun can use his business know-how and personal skills while interacting with customers from all over the world.

Our newcomers also appreciate the atmosphere around the LACRM office and the camaraderie between colleagues. As CRM coach intern Marc puts it, “The Less Annoying office has the perfect blend of laidback friendliness, meaningful work, and free food.” New full-time CRM coach Katy agrees: “Everyone who works here is super rad.”

An Exciting Summer in St. Louis

As a company founded by two native St. Louisans, LACRM encourages all of our newcomers to check out the city. Though most of our interns have been students in St. Louis for at least a few years, it can be easy to stay in the college bubble. During their first few weeks, new team members sat in on a talk from Mitch, one of our software developers and a very enthusiastic resident of the Lou, about the city’s history, transportation, neighborhoods, and of course, fun things to do. Mitch listed everything from the city’s well-known (and free) museums to some off-the-beaten-path entertainment like the Internet Cat Video Festival this July. Everyone also went on a scavenger hunt downtown and took pictures of themselves enjoying the sights (like the Arch!).

All of our team members are excited about free time and sunshine ‘til 9 pm this summer, but software development intern David is particularly interested in exploring all the parts of St. Louis he’s never been to before, including Cherokee Street and Soulard. Other interns have made plans to attend Shakespeare in the Park and other free outdoor events with their friends.

The People Behind the Pictures

So what are our new team members like when they’re not coding or answering contact forms?

Less Annoying Employee Katy

Katy— CRM Coach

A recent theatre graduate from St. Louis University, Katy is originally from Lincoln, NE. She spends her weekends doing puzzles, making bad jokes, learning to play the bagpipes, and watching Aaron Sorkin and Amy Poehler’s TV shows (of course, she still makes awesome theatre in St. Louis!). Her favorite meal is pizza rolls and champagne. She is best known around the office for always being cold (but her beanies look great!).

Less Annoying Employee Jesse

Jesse— CRM Coach

Jesse, our latest addition, is a recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where she double majored in marketing and gender & sexuality studies. She also spent a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia. From Columbus, OH, Jesse enjoys playing the violin, learning the ukulele, writing fiction, and watching any and all movies. When she’s not at the office, she’s trying to adopt an FIV+ cat. We hope she posts pictures of her new kitty in our office cat-themed Slack channel!

Less Annoying Intern Nic

Nicola— Software Development Intern

Nicola comes to us all the way from Gordona, Italy. He is a computer science and engineering major at Washington University in St. Louis, where he can grow his passion for coding. Inspired by his love for John Mayer’s music, this summer he is tackling the guitar and singing. Nicola also enjoys eating Papa John’s and Imo’s with the LACRM crew, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Less Annoying Intern Sam

Sam— Software Development Intern

Sam, originally from Topeka, KS, graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in English and is currently earning his Master’s in computer science from Washington University in St. Louis. He enjoys writing short stories, poems, and novels. His other loves include irish music, martial arts, and parkour—he can even juggle! Sam is tired of coworkers bribing him to get their poetry into the Kenyon Review, but he will never say no to good free food.

Less Annoying Intern David

David— Software Development Intern

David, from Potomac, MD, is also a computer science student at Washington University in St. Louis. David spends his free time hiking, running, reading, chilling with friends, and whipping up a good Beef Stroganoff. A former pescatarian, David now enjoys eating food that significantly raises his risk of having a heart attack with his cool coworkers.

Less Annoying Intern Marc

Marc—CRM Coach Intern

Marc, a rising senior at Washington University in St. Louis, found his way to us from East Lansing, MI. Aside from studying economics and computer science, he just spent the previous semester abroad in Ireland. In addition to being a DJ, he also plays the cello, ukulele, and guitar. When he’s not working, Marc enjoys discussing theology, watching college football, dancing, and knitting. Although Marc has not expressed interest in being LACRM’s lunch-time DJ, he has become our resident party planner.

Less Annoying Intern Varun

Varun— CRM Coach Intern

Varun found his way to LACRM from Las Vegas, NV. As a rising senior at Washington University in St. Louis, he studies economics and finance in the business school. He spends his days cooking, listening to music, watching movies, and playing sports. His fun fact? He was on the radio several times last summer! Since arriving at the LACRM offices, Varun has instituted Hawaiian Shirt Fridays, in which he is the only participant.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our new interns and full-timers! And no, despite many requests, we are not starting an LACRM band or literary review--though a play may or may not be in store. If you have any questions, feel free to check out every LACRM employee on our “ About Us” page.

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