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If you have an email newsletter like many businesses, chances are that there are ways for you to improve your content, images, or design. Even the best newsletters have to adapt over the years to changing technology and trends, just like any aspect of marketing. We’ve compiled a list of things to consider for your newsletter, from small tweaks to major mistakes that you might’ve missed.

1. Preview Your Newsletter

You want everyone to see the ideal version of your newsletter, whether they are reading it on their phones, tablet, or any number of browsers and email clients. Take advantage of free trials from services like Email on Acid and Litmus to preview how your email looks for almost everyone who will receive it. You can even test how likely your email will be to end up in someone’s spam folder!

2. Make Sure Your Images Have alt Text

A lot of people don’t have images enabled on their emails, which means that text in a blank box will appear instead--alt text. When readers open your beautifully crafted newsletter full of pictures, you don’t want them to see a bunch of gibberish, especially if your images are calls to action for the reader. For example, you can make your alt text “Download our new ebook!” and include a hyperlink so that your CTA can still be followed. Your email provider or email marketing tool probably has a tutorial for adding alt text to images, but here’s a simple guide from Mailchimp.

3. Revamp Your Subscribe Page

If you don’t have a landing page for your newsletter, create one on your website now! You want your subscribe page to set the expectation for your newsletter; tell your potential readers exactly what your emails will say, who they’ll be receiving them from, and how often they’ll find your newsletter in their inbox. You can even include a snapshot of your latest newsletter. Letting readers know upfront what they’ll be receiving will decrease unsubscribes and spam rates, too. On that note...

4. Have A Clear Unsubscribe Process

Make sure your unsubscribe button is clearly displayed at the bottom of each newsletter. This will limit people marking your email as spam or archiving it immediately--you’d rather have an updated subscriber list than an inaccurate representation of your readership.

5. Send A Welcome Email

Remind people how smart they are for subscribing by reassuring them that your newsletter is worth their while. You can offer them a special deal or exclusive content in their welcome email to hint at the newsletters to come and reward them for their loyalty.

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