New Feature: Currency fields

We have new custom currency fields! You can now make both contact and pipeline custom currency fields.
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What is the one thing every business has in common, from a small cupcake shop to a giant tech company? They’re trying to make money, of course! With that in mind, we are introducing a new custom currency field to make it easier to track this fundamental part of your business. This new feature is available for custom contact and company fields, as well as custom pipeline fields.

This image shows the creation of a custom pipeline currency field.

In the past, we had a couple imperfect options for displaying monetary values in the CRM. Neither option automatically filled in currency markers and neither was designed specifically with monetary values in mind. Now we have a custom field type that exclusively deals with currency!

We can also create custom company currency fields.

How can I use this feature? 

The possibilities with this field are endless - you can use it to record revenue, money clients owe you, how much particular leads are worth, or anything else related to finances. Since this is a custom field, you can name it whatever you’d like and use the currency field in a way that works best for you.

Take a look at the video above to see an example of adding currency information to a contact's page.

We have an example here of both a contact currency field and a pipeline currency field.

Our currency field works for users all over the world, with a variety of default currencies including dollars, euros, pounds, rupee, and yen. But what if you don’t use these particular currencies? We have a custom currency button so you can make a field for Icelandic Króna (kr), Turkish lira (₺), Kenyan shilling (Ksh), and any other currencies that represent you and your customers. You can change the number of decimal places and the symbol placement of your custom currency to fit the standards of any given type of currency.

CRM reports with monetary values are now much easier to read as well. And if you export your reports to Excel, you’ll be able to easily add up your revenue, find an average, and do endless number-crunching and analysis with your new currency values.

Need help using this feature or want to learn more? 

Learn more about how to create custom currency fields, and other types of custom fields here!

If you have any questions about this new feature or anything else, just reach out to us at!

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