5 Zaps for Sales

Learn how our new integration with Zapier can help you spent less time on tedious data entry and more time making sales!
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We recently launched an integration with the app Zapier. (Read our announcement here!)

Zapier is a software that helps you build connections between different apps so that you can automate your workflow. If you work in sales, this means you’ll spend more time actually making sales and less time on tedious data entry.

Setting up these Zaps will require some manual work on your part. But once they’re set up, you’ll save so much time and effort in the long run.

Zaps for the very start of your sales process

You can use Zapier to build connections between variety of tools. To start with, let’s look at two Zaps that automate the very beginning of the sales process. Both of these Zaps will automatically add leads to your CRM - no importing spreadsheets or manual data entry required.

1. Link LACRM with Google forms

Tired of collecting Google forms responses and then having to manually enter these form responses into LACRM at the end of the week? Skip all that tedious work by linking up your Google Form with LACRM. Now, whenever someone responds to your Google form, they’ll automatically be added as a new contact in the CRM.

Create a Zap so that the response to a form on the left will automatically become the contact record on the right!

Do you use a different forms app? Search Zapier’s app library. If they connect with Zapier, you can build a Zap between the forms app of your choosing and LACRM.

Click here to set up an integration between Google Forms and LACRM!

2. Link LACRM with Facebook Ad Leads

Want to take your Zapier integrations to the next level? If you upgrade to a premium Zapier tier, you can connect LACRM with Facebook Ad Leads.

Once you set up this Zap, leads from your Facebook ads will be added to the CRM automatically. Now you don’t have to worry about leads going cold - you’ll be able to give them a call or email right after they interact with your ad.

Click here to set up an integration between Less Annoying CRM and Facebook Ad Leads!

A Zap to help you follow up with a deal

I’ve mentioned a few different ways leads can automatically added to the CRM using Zapier. But what are you going to do once those leads are automatically added to the CRM? Is the rest of your work manual? No, you can automate the next steps of your process! Take a look below for an idea of how to automate your next step.

1. Send a slack message when a contact’s pipeline status changes

Maybe you don’t make sales calls yourself, but instead manage a sales team. If so, you can use Zapier’s automations to help your team. Set up a Zap so that you can automatically send a slack message to one of your employees as soon as you change a contact’s status in the CRM. Automatically slack them a helpful reminder to follow-up with that lead.

Check out this example of an automated Slack message!

Click here to set up an integration between Less Annoying CRM and Slack!

Zaps to help you close a deal

There are even Zaps to help you make your sale and follow up immediately after a sale is made.

1. Link LACRM with Gmail

Link LACRM with Gmail. When you create a new contact in LACRM (or one is added automatically using one of the Zaps discussed above), automatically send an email through Gmail. You can do this with any other email provider or email marketing tool that integrates with Zapier. Your leads will be impressed by your quick response time, increasing your odds of making that sale.

Set up a Zap to automatically send an email when a new contact record is added to your CRM!

You could also use an integration with Gmail to automatically send contacts an email when they reach a certain stage in your LACRM pipeline. Automatically send out an email to anyone who reaches the “client” stage of your pipeline for example.

Click here to create a connection between Gmail and LACRM!

2. Create a task for yourself in LACRM whenever a sale goes through in PayPal

Once you receive a payment from PayPal, make a Zap that automatically creates a task for you. You can create a task to send a thank you note, a follow-up call, or anything else to help turn your one time-customer into a customer for life.

You can use this Zap with any other payment software that connects to Zapier.

Click here to create a connection between PayPal and LACRM.

These are just a few examples of Zaps you can create to automate your sales process. Zapier connects with over 5000 apps, so there are endless Zaps you can create.

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