3 CRM features you need to manage a long sales cycle

What to look for in a CRM if you have a long sales cycle.
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Successfully navigating a long sales cycle requires a high level of organization to make sure prospects don’t slip through the cracks. A great CRM will keep you organized and make managing a long sales cycle a breeze. Take a look at three examples of features to look for in a CRM if you have a long sales cycle.

1) Transferring Pipeline Statuses: 

One of the challenges of a long sales cycle is that your point person for a prospective sale might change over time. Maybe your original contact for a potential sale is promoted or leaves the company. You need a way to seamlessly track your leads, even as they change hands over time. LACRM makes this effortless with the transfer pipelines features.

You can easily transfer pipeline items to other contacts as shown in this image.

We have a new feature that allows our users to transfer pipeline items between contacts and companies. So if your contact at a business changes, you can quickly and easily move details about your lead to the right person without losing any important history.

No need to waste time deleting one pipeline item and starting over with a new one on a different contact. With this feature, you won’t be slowed down by the regular changes that occur with business and employment in a long sales cycle.

2) Customizable Workflow Process

If you have a long sales process, it’s extremely important that you find a CRM that helps you keep track of where you are in the process. LACRM offers a sales template that lets you hit the ground running tracking your leads. For a long sales process, however, you might have additional steps in your workflow that you want to track. That’s why LACRM makes our pipelines completely customizable. Add additional steps to your workflow or custom fields to track more information - it’s up to you. Customizing your workflow steps will ensure you and your team are following through with every single lead. You can read more about our customizable workflow tool, pipelines, here.

You can create new pipeline statuses and custom fields. You can also move them around, edit, and delete them as shown in red in the image above.

3) Tools for Email Logging

One challenge of a long sales process is remembering conversations that happened months earlier. LACRM’s email logging tool makes it easy to stay on top of communication with leads. Now, if you need to call a prospective client you haven’t talked to in months, and need to quickly refresh yourself on their details, you can with the click of a button. Copies of your emails with clients, prospects, vendors, and other contacts are saved to their contact page within the CRM.  You can learn more about our email logging tool here.

Here's an example of an email logged to a contact record's history. Click the full email button to see the complete logged email.

Start a free trial today to try a CRM that makes staying on top of your long sales process easy. And reach out to us to learn more about how LACRM is designed with your needs in mind!

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