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New feature in the redesign: more export options

Written by Tyler King

If you haven't heard, Less Annoying CRM is getting a redesign. Along with the design changes, we're introducing some new features to help make the CRM even better.

We've always made it easy to export the most important data from your CRM. For most use cases, that was fine, but there are situations where you might need a more complete export. I'm excited to announce that the new redesign will include significantly increased export options for account admins!

Prior to this redesign, we supported exporting contacts/companies, files, pipelines, and tasks. Here are the new ones we're adding:

  • Notes - We always included notes in the main contact export, but they were all crammed into one cell in the spreadsheet. This export will give you each note on a separate line so you can more easily run reports and import them into other systems.
  • Emails - Unfortunately spreadsheets can't fit huge emails into a cell, but we'll include a significant chunk of the text from every email you've logged in the CRM.
  • Events - You'll be able to export all of the events on your calendar in a format that is compatible with Outlook!
  • Pipeline item updates - We always let you export the current status of your pipeline items, but now you can get a full log of all of the changes over time so you can see how the statuses changed. This won't include updates to the custom fields, but it will include statuses and notes.
  • Activity report - The activity report isn't easy to fit into a spreadsheet because different types of activity have different types of data. But if you just need a list of all the activity so you can, for example, total up how many notes were added over a certain period of time, that'll be possible with this new export.

In addition to the new export types, we've improved the infrastructure so that every export you do will show up on your admin export page so you can see a log of past exports (we keep them around for 7 days so you can easily access your recent exports).

This isn't as major as some of the other updates coming with the redesign, but we believe that even minor improvements like this will add up to a much better overall experience with LACRM.

If you're eager to start using the new LACRM right away and you don't mind testing out an early version of the new design, you can switch over to the new design here. And as always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

Posted on Sep 24, 2019
Filed under Product Updates, Redesign (2019)
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