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Using Zapier filters

Learn more about Zapier filters here:

  • Filters allow you to make sure that your Zap triggers only when you want them to.
  • When the data from your Zap meets the conditions of a filters, it proceeds to the next action(s) in your Zap.
  • If a filter stops an item, then no further actions are performed.
  • Learn more about Zapier’s filters here.

Here's a few examples:

  • Add a filter to the trigger “Create group membership” so that only contacts with an email address are added to a specific group.
  • Add a filter to the trigger “Create pipeline item” so that when a contact is added with “Yes” in an “Interested” custom field, they’re added to the “Prospect” stage of the Lead pipeline.
  • Add a filter to the trigger “Create new contact” so that only new contacts assigned to your teammate Alice will trigger a Slack notification.
  • And more! Create filters based on when a field has a certain value entered, when a contact is created, or when a task is created.
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