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New Client Orientation pipeline template

Purpose: this pipeline is intended to help you track onboarding new clients. If you have an orientation process with new clients, or you have to complete a series of activities with them before starting regular work, you can track their progress in this pipeline.

How It Works:

  1. Create the pipeline by going to your Pipelines Settings page. You can only reach this page if you are the admin or owner on an account. On that page, click “Create a new pipeline,” and start with one of our existing pipeline templates.
  2. When you convert a new client, attach a New Client Orientation pipeline to their contact record.
  3. As you work with your new client, progress them through the steps in your pipeline. If you'd like to change the statuses and custom fields to fit your process, don't be afraid to customize!
  4. Once a client is onboarded, you can move them into a closed status in the New Client Orientation pipeline.

Potential Customizations:

  • Filling out paperwork: if you need specific paperwork from new clients, or you need them to fill out a preferences sheet, track that information in the CRM. You can have a status called “Paperwork complete,” or a custom checkbox field listing all the paperwork you’ll need.
  • Client Profile: if you create a “profile” for your client during the onboarding process, you can keep their information in custom pipeline fields. For example, if you sell beauty products and you need to know if their skin type and the kind of makeup they prefer, you can create drop down fields to store that information.
  • Tracking Interests: if you sell more than one product or service, you'll want to track each new client's interests. You can create a check box list of your offerings and mark what your client is interested in. Later, you can use this check box list to determine who should receive certain offers, or what to bring up during your next session.

See our full list of pipeline templates here. If you have any questions about pipelines, contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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