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Using pipeline templates: Job Application

Purpose: this pipeline is intended to help you keep track of job applications. If you plan on hiring someone or you do recruiting for your company, this pipeline will help you process applications and keep track of your offers.

As you gather more data in this pipeline over time, you’ll get a better bird’s eye view of your recruiting process. Are you sending out lots of offers, but not getting many acceptances? It might be time to add in more personal time with potential new hires or change up the recruiting process.

Job Application Template

How It Works:

  1. Create the pipeline by going to your Customize your pipelines page. You can only reach this page if you are the admin or owner on an account. On that page, click “Create a new pipeline,” and start with one of our existing pipeline templates.
  2. As you receive job applications, attach a Job Application pipeline to the applicant's contact record. Be sure to fill out the position they're applying for.
  3. As the applicant moves through the hiring process, update their Job Application pipeline status and make notes on their progress. If this pipeline doesn't match your exact process, or you want different custom fields, don't be afraid to customize!
  4. Once an applicant has been hired, rejected, or declined their offer, close out their pipeline attachment. You can reattach a Job Application pipeline to someone if they reapply later on.

Potential customizations:

  • Tracking potential applicant outreach: if you plan on prospecting for potential new hires or reaching out to people before they've applied, you can add initial statuses for "Prospect" and "Contacted."
  • Tracking offers on the table: if you often send out a few offers at a time or if there is frequently a delay between when you offer the job and when the applicant officially accepts, you might want to have a final active status of “Offered.”
  • Links to LinkedIn profiles and more: create custom pipeline fields for links to important data for each new hire. You can create a custom field for their LinkedIn profile, profiles on other career websites, online folders of writing samples, and more. If you have applicants take any kind of online aptitude test, you can link to their scores.
  • Reason for hiring/declining: you can add a custom text area for tracking the reason why you chose to give someone an offer or pass. This will let you see at a glance from your Job Application report your reasoning for each hiring decision.

What if I want to add a new hire to the CRM?

One last thought to keep in mind about the Job Application pipeline; if you plan on adding any of your new hires to the CRM and don’t want them to see notes about past job applicants, or notes about themselves, you’ll need a plan for removing that information from the CRM or storing it elsewhere. If you'd still like to keep your applicant data in the CRM, you can assign applicants' contact records to a user that new hires do not have permission to access. You can also export pipeline data from the CRM and then delete notes before you add new recruits to the CRM.

Another option is to keep notes about applicant interviews in a password protected document in Dropbox or Google Docs. You can link to this document from their pipeline attachment, but the new hire won’t be able to read anything about themselves (or any other old recruit).

With pipelines, there are tons of different customizations that you can create. We listed a few suggestions above, but feel free to try anything out!

If you want to customize your pipelines but aren’t sure how to start, contact us and we’d be happy to help! If you already customized your pipelines but aren’t sure if you did it correctly, shoot us an email and we can let you know if we see any red flags. Finally, if you’re totally brand new to LACRM and aren’t sure how pipelines work, let us know. We’d be happy to walk you through all of the features of the CRM, and help you customize your account!

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