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Using pipeline templates: Donation

Purpose: this pipeline is intended to help you track receiving and processing donations. If you’re a nonprofit or you collect donations for annual events, you probably need a pipeline like this.

As you accumulate more data on donations, you can use this pipeline to identify and thank your biggest donors. It will also give you a list of past donors to work off of if you solicit donations in the future.

Donation Pipeline

How It Works:

  1. Create the pipeline by going to your Customize your pipelines page. You can only reach this page if you are the admin or owner on an account. On that page, click “Create a new pipeline,” and start with one of our existing pipeline templates.
  2. When someone sends in a donation, attach a Donation pipeline to their contact record in the CRM. Be sure to fill out the donation amount and leave a note about the reason or dedication.
  3. Once you've thanked someone for their donation, close out their pipeline attachment! If they submit another donation in the future, you can attach a new Donation to their record.

Potential customizations:

  • Donations for specific events or causes: you can add a custom field called “For” in order to track what exactly the donation is for: an event, a particular program you run, a sponsorship, etc. If you frequently collect donations for the same few causes, such as your annual gala, you might want to make this field a dropdown so that you can easily populate it with the correct cause. This field could also become the name of the pipeline so that you can distinguish where each donation on a contact record went.
  • Soliciting donations: if you regularly solicit donations, you might want to create an extra active status for “Solicited,” and closed statuses for “No response” and “Refused.”

With pipelines, there are tons of different customizations that you can create. We listed a few suggestions above, but feel free to try anything out!

If you want to customize your pipelines but aren’t sure how to start, contact us and we’d be happy to help! If you already customized your pipelines but aren’t sure if you did it correctly, shoot us an email and we can let you know if we see any red flags. Finally, if you’re totally brand new to LACRM and aren’t sure how pipelines work, let us know. We’d be happy to walk you through all of the features of the CRM, and help you customize your account!

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