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Up the chances of connecting with prospects by reviewing call logs

This article was included in the January 31st, 2017 issue of the LACRM Newsletter.

Phone calls are some of the best ways to follow up with your leads and customers, but some people are harder to reach than others. After all, everyone is on and off the phone, in and out of the office all day. One thing that has helped Mario Raia, President of Combined IQ, ensure that he maximizes the likelihood of reaching whoever he’s calling is to rely on past phone experiences with this contact:

“Every time I call someone, I leave a note on their contact record about the results of the call, regardless of whether I was able to reach them. The nice thing about the CRM is that it records the time and date of the call so I know that if I’ve called someone twice at 2pm on a weekday and wasn’t able to speak with them, I should instead try to call in the mornings, or at a different time. By logging every call in the CRM, I’m able to know when the best time to contact someone is and make better follow ups.”

-Mario Raia, President of Combined IQ

How the CRM can help

As Mario mentioned, LACRM automatically dates and timestamps each note and entry into a contact’s Activity Feed. Regardless of whether you track calls through notes, tasks, or events, as long as you log every call you make, the automatic timestamps will give you a general idea of when the best time to reach someone is. If you haven’t been able to connect with someone when you’ve called in the morning, switch to the afternoons, and if you’ve successfully reached a contact every time you’ve called on a weekday morning, stick to that schedule!

Tip to try: Make it a habit to note down every call that you make -- even if you don’t end up connecting with your contact. Leaving notes like ‘Left a voicemail’, ‘Did not pick up’ etc. is valuable because it ensures that your Activity Feed remains an accurate log of every outreach you’ve made. This way, before you schedule your next follow up call, you can go through your Activity Feed and figure out when the best time to call is! Click here to read about how you can also customize your pipeline to track when you should reach out to your leads!

Past interactions with your contacts should always inform your future ones, and this is a good example of a tangible way it can improve your follow up method. If you have any questions about this, just contact us!

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