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Repeating and Multi-Day Events

To add a repeating or multi-day event from anywhere in the CRM, mouse over your "Calendar" tab in the navigation bar on the left of the screen and click the “New event” link. You can also add events from the Calendar page, which you can access by clicking "Calendar" in the navigation bar. You can select from the day, week, month, or agenda view.

From the calendar, the first way to create an event is to use the “New event” link in the page menu on the left, just under the small calendar. In the day or week view, you can also create an event by clicking the calendar on the day you’d like it to begin, and the system will automatically open the event creation window with the event starting at that point. If you’re in the month view, you can click on the date to create an all-day event, but you will have to edit the event to make it repeat or span multiple days.

Once you’ve got the event creation window open, give the event a title, location, and a description if you’d like. You can make the event repeat by selecting the “Repeats" checkbox.

Next select the how frequently the event should repeat, on which day of the week it should repeat, and when the event should stop repeating, if ever.  Once you've made the appropriate selections, be sure to save the event and it will appear on the calendar.

To instead make the event a multi-day event, once you have the event creation dialogue open select the “All-day event” checkbox. You can then select the end date in the second date field that appears, and the event will appear for every day between the selected “Start Date” and “End Date”.

Be sure to save the event, and then it will appear near the top of the selected dates in the week or month view of the calendar.

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