Adding and Editing Events

To add an event from anywhere in the CRM, mouse over your "Calendar" item in the navigation at the top of the screen and click the “Add a new event” link. You can also add events from the calendar, which you can access through the navigation bar near the top of the screen. You can select from the day, week, month, or agenda view on the Calendar page. The agenda view shows only a list of your events and tasks instead of showing a complete calendar layout.

From the calendar, the first way to create an event is to use the “Create new event” link in the sidebar on the left, just under the small calendar. In the day or week view, you can also create an event by clicking the calendar at the date/time you’d like your event to begin, and the system will automatically open the event creation window with the event starting at that point. If you’re in the month view, you can click on the date to create an event, but you will have to enter the time for that date manually.
Less Annoying CRM event creation

Once you’ve got the event creation window open, give the event a name, a time/date, a location (optional), and a description (optional). You can also make the event repeating if it happens more than once, or set it to be an all-day event. You can attach other users at your company to make this event also show up on their calendar, or include contacts/companies in your CRM to which the event is related. Finally, set any reminders you’d like to include with this event so that you won’t forget it—note that you can change these default reminders and enable SMS reminders in the “Calendar Settings” page, which you can access from the Settings link at the top of your screen.

Once you’re ready, click “Save this event” and your event will be created!

To edit your events, simply click on the event in your calendar or your Agenda area on the Workspace and an edit window with the same options as the event creation window will appear. Make any desired changes and then be sure to hit “Save changes” to edit this event.

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