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How do tasks work?

Less Annoying CRM task creationUnlike events, which bracket off a specific length of time for the activity involved, a task is a more general to-do that you need to check off on (or before!) it’s due date. If you fail to check the task by it’s due date, the task then becomes overdue and shows up with a bright orange tag on its owner’s Workspace to remind them to get caught up.

Tasks can be created much like calendar events, using the “New task” button in the left page menu while viewing the calendar. All you need to enter is a name, to whom the task is assigned (if you have multiple users only), a description (optional), and the due date of the task. Tasks will show up in the grey header area of the weekly calendar view, above any events. If you have multiple users set up with calendar sharing permissions, you will also see other users’ tasks provided you’ve turned on their calendar using the checkboxes in the page menu.
You can also create tasks from a variety of other places in the system. From any page in the CRM, you can mouse over Calendar in the navigation bar and select "New task" from the menu. On a contact or company’s profile, you can attach a task using the link in the page menu, which will automatically link that task with the contact in question, displaying it at the top of that record’s profile. When you attach or edit a pipeline (e.g. a Lead), you can also generate tasks to follow up automatically, to remind yourself (or, if you are a manager, your sales reps or employees) to keep on top of a particular process. Just click the “Add a task” link while creating or editing the pipeline.

Each user will see their daily tasks in the left column of their Workspace, as well as in the Calendar drop-down in the top-level navigation.

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