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Events vs. Tasks

The main difference between an event and a task is that an event is a blocked-off period of time on your calendar, whereas a to-do is just an item on a checklist with a specific due date. Events are things like a 10:00am meeting with a co-worker or a noon lunch appointment with a client. A task is usually a more discrete to-do item—for example, a common task is to follow up with a Lead by calling a contact/company to continue conversation or move them through your pipeline. A task could also be something like running an errand or filling out your time sheet.

In LACRM, you will find events on your calendar, blocking off certain periods of time. If you have multiple users -- and have the right permissions! -- you can view other users’ events by checking the box by their name in the left column. Each user's events will show up in a different color so you can tell them apart.

If you're using the most common view, the weekly view, you'll see your tasks show up in the grey header area of the calendar, below the date on which that task is due. You can turn off tasks if they're in your way using the checkbox in the left column.

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