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Which VOIP phones work with our click-to-call feature?

While Less Annoying CRM does not have a direct integration with any VOIP systems, there are some click-to-call systems that can work alongside the CRM to enable click-to-call functionality. There are a few different ways that your VOIP system might enable this. Below is a list of VOIP phones that have worked with the CRM’s click-to-call feature in the past. There may be other programs that offer similar functionality in one way or another -- these are just the programs of which we're already aware. 

NOTE: Since LACRM did not develop these programs, we can't control whether or not they will continue to work with LACRM, nor can we control their maintenance or offer support for them. If you don’t see a system that you are looking for, or you find a VOIP program on this list that no longer works with the CRM, please reach out to Less Annoying’s customer support.

There are a few ways that VOIP tools might facilitate click-to-call functionality in tandem with the CRM. The list below will break the options into three sections based on these different categories:

Direct API Integrations

While LACRM doesn't offer any integrations with VOIP tools, a few VOIP systems have built their own connections to LACRM through the LACRM API. You can enable your API and link these systems directly to your CRM account -- though you should bear in mind that doing so grants the dialer tool access to your account's data.

  • JustCall.io: JustCall.io uses a browser extension (see below) to facilitate click-to-call, but supplements this with a direct API integration that logs information back into LACRM for posterity. This includes call logging, linking to recordings of voicemails, text message logging, and more. See full details at their site.
  • Invoco: Invoco uses a click-to-dial extension (see below), but supplements this with a direct API integration that includes automatic contact creation, logging calls and call recordings to contact histories, and more. See full details at their site.

Click-to-dial link protocols

Less Annoying CRM has a setting that allows you to format your phone numbers in your system as clickable links using a number different protocols that can trigger action from softphone dialers installed on your computer/device. Depending on whether your softphone supports any of these protocols, you may be able to click links in the CRM and have your computer launch the appropriate program and dial out. You'll find the CRM setting on your Integrations settings page. Here are the programs we know to support these kinds of click-to-dial protocols:

  • RingCentral: Just change your setting to the “RingCentral” option on the 'Phone' section of your Integrations page in the CRM. This is most reliable on Windows PCs. (Additional settings changes in your computer's operating system may be required.)
  • Skype
    • If you use up-to-date version of Skype for Windows or Skype for Mac, choose the "Skype" option in the Integrations settings page.
    • If you use Skype 7/Classic, you'll need to use the "CALLTO" protocol instead of the "Skype" option.

Browser extensions

A variety of dialers offer their own custom-made browser extensions to facilitate click-to-dial. These tools install directly into your browser and scan webpages (including LACRM pages) for phone numbers, then insert code that converts those phone numbers into clickable links. NOTE: With these extensions, the CRM is completely passive, so no settings changes in the CRM are required -- but this also means that LACRM has no control over the efficacy of these tools!

  • 8X8
  • CrazyCall
  • Cricket (Chrome linkFirefox link)
    • Use code "LACRM" when signing up online or over the phone for a $10/mo discount on Cricket Click Dialer!
  • Google Voice
    • NOTE: This extension has been particularly unreliable over the years, so make sure to test it before relying on it!
  • Invoco (see "Direct API integrations" section above)
  • JustCall.io (see "Direct API integrations" section above)
  • RingCentral
    • Note that this is an alternative approach to the option in the "Click-to-dial link protocols" section above. Download from RingCentral's admin panel after creating your RingCentral account.
  • Simplii
  • Vonage
    • Contact Vonage for help installing their Click-to-Dial extension

Questions? Comments? Contact us! We’d be happy to investigate other dialers or explain how click-to-call works with LACRM. 

Still have some questions? - If this article didn’t provide all the information you need, just let us know your question below and we’ll be happy to help you!

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