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What happens if I sync an empty group with Mailchimp?

The Mailchimp integration links a group in LACRM to an audience in Mailchimp, which will automatically sync names and email addresses back and forth. But what happens if the group you integrate to Mailchimp is empty? It depends on whether you have subscribers in your Mailchimp audience or not.

If you sync an empty group in LACRM to an empty audience in Mailchimp, not much will happen at first. The group is now connected to the audience, but since there isn’t any contact data in either place, no data will sync at this time. However, if you add a contact to that group in the future, they’ll automatically sync over to the Mailchimp audience. Similarly, if you add a subscriber to Mailchimp, they'll automatically sync over to the LACRM group.

If you sync an empty group in LACRM to a Mailchimp audience with subscribers, those subscribers will be added to LACRM. You’ll start seeing those subscribers from Mailchimp come over to the CRM, and soon you’ll have contacts in the formerly empty group that you synced. Going forward, if you add someone to the group, they’ll be synced over to Mailchimp too.

For a more thorough explanation of the Mailchimp integration, you can check out the full documentation here.

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