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How to set the primary email in your email program

When you click on an email address in LACRM, the CRM will link to your email program. Your email program will then open a new, blank email. But if you use multiple email addresses sometimes the wrong email address will appear. That can happen if your email program has saved the wrong email address as the primary email. In order to fix that, you’ll need to set the appropriate email address as the primary or default email in your email program directly.

Change the default email address in Gmail / Google Workspace

In Gmail / Google Workspace the primary email account is typically whatever account you logged into first. There are two solutions to reset the primary email account, so you can make sure the desired email opens when you click an email in LACRM:

The first option:

  1. Log out of all of your Google accounts completely. You will need to select to “Log out” specifically, closing the window will not log you out.
  2. After you’ve completely logged out of every Google account, log in to the Google account with the desired email address first (i.e. the email account that you want to make the Primary Google account).
  3. That will set that Google account as the primary, and then you can log into any other Google accounts you may use.

The second option is to use a more segmented setup through the Google Chrome web browser. You can set up multiple user profiles in Chrome, which allows you to store different logins to sites, almost like having two totally different instances of Chrome running at the same time. You can have one profile dedicated to the CRM, which is logged into the Google account with the email address you want to use. Then you can set up a second profile to log into any other Google accounts you want to use. You can follow these instructions to set up different profiles in Chrome:


Change the default email address in Outlook

In Outlook you can change the default email address through settings. Mouse over “File” in the upper left and then choose “Account Settings” from the middle of the page. In the dropdown menu that appears, click “Account Settings” again. A dialog will open that lists each of your email addresses in the middle. Select the email account you want to use there, and then select “Set as Default.” That will set the desired email as the default, and you can then close the dialog.

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