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Setting the primary email in your email program

When you click on an email address in LACRM, the CRM will link to your email program. Your email program will then open a new, blank email. But if you use multiple email addresses sometimes the wrong email address will appear. In order to change that, you'll need to update the primary email in your email program. Here's how to set the primary email in your email program:

Gmail / Google Workspace

  • Log out of all of your Google accounts completely by selecting "Log out" within each account.
  • Log into the desired email address first. This will set the desired email as the primary account in Google.
  • Alternatively, use Chrome profiles to create completely separate profiles for each Gmail account.


  • Select "Account settings" under "File," and then choose "Account Settings" again in the dropdown.
  • In the dialog that opens, select your desired email account and choose "Set as Default." This will set the desired email as the primary account in Outlook.

Please note: these settings are not controlled by LACRM, and it’s possible that instructions may vary. If you notice anything that’s outdated or incorrect, let us know!

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