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Use MyRepChat to log text messages in Less Annoying CRM

The creators of the texting platform MyRepChat have built an integration between their platform and Less Annoying CRM. This tutorial will explain how to connect you CRM account to MyRepChat. Before we begin, one thing to keep in mind:

By giving MyRepChat your API credentials, you are granting MyRepChat programmatic access to your CRM account. You should only do this with programs that you trust, as you are essentially giving MyRepChat login credentials for your CRM account.

How does the integration work?

When you connect MyRepChat to your LACRM account, your contacts are synced across from the CRM into your MyRepChat database (no need to export/import between the two systems). Text messages that you send through MyRepChat will be automatically added to the CRM as notes in your contacts' activity feeds, where you can reference them in context with your other interactions (emails, personal notes, etc.).

How do I set it up?

You'll need to get a special key from your LACRM account to enter into MyRepChat, which will give their system access to sync your contacts and texts. Once you've got that, you'll need to enter it into your MyRepChat account's settings. Here's the step by step:

  1. Create an account at MyRepChat.
  2. Log into your Less Annoying CRM account
  3. Mouse over Settings, then select "Programmer API" under the Additional Features heading
  4. If you have never used the API before, start by clicking the Generate a new API Token button.
  5. Head back to MyRepChat. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, and the select the  INTEGRATIONS tab under your Account Settings.
  6. In the IMPORT FROM CRM drop down, select Less Annoying CRM.
  7. Here, you'll need to copy and paste the User Code and the API Token from your CRM settings page into MyRepChat. Note: when you paste the API Token, you'll need to delete every number listed before the hyphen and the hyphen itself, so you're left with only the characters that were originally listed after the hyphen.
  8. Be sure to click the Save button.

Once the token has been saved, you can click the Get Contacts button in MyRepChat to import contacts from Less Annoying CRM. You can use the Get Contacts button as often as you'd like to pull contacts over from your CRM account.

What about pricing?

MyRepChat is a separate system from LACRM, so it has its own pricing. If you decide to use their system after the trial period, you can check out their pricing here. Just like with LACRM, no credit card is required for the trial period.

We are only able to offer support for the CRM. If you have questions about MyRepChat or this integration, feel free to contact MyRepChat support here.

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