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Integrating MyRepChat with LACRM

The texting platform MyRepChat built an integration between their tool and LACRM. Learn how to set up the integration between LACRM and MyRepChat here:

  • Please note: this integration requires sharing your API credentials with MyRepChat, which grants MyRepChat programmatic access to your CRM account. You should only do this with programs that you trust.
  • First, create an account with MyRepChat.
  • Go to LACRM, mouse over "Settings" and select "Programmer API." Generate a new API token using the button at the top of the page.
  • Go to your MyRepChat account, select the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose "INTEGRATIONS" under Account Settings.
  • In the "IMPORT FROM CRM" dropdown, select "Less Annoying CRM."
  • Copy and paste your User Code and the API token from LACRM into MyRepChat. Note that you'll need to delete every number before the hyphen and the hyphen itself when pasting the API token.
  • Be sure to save, and then select the "Get Contacts" button in MyRepChat to import contacts from LACRM. Select the "Get Contacts" button as frequently as you'd like to pull contacts from LACRM into MyRepChat.
  • Send text messages through MyRepChat to have them automatically added as notes into LACRM.
  • Please note: we are only able to offer support for the CRM. If you have questions about MyRepChat or this integration, feel free to contact MyRepChat support.
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