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Map your CRM leads with Badger Maps

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Less Annoying CRM offers simple reporting features that make it easy to filter and sort your leads by all kinds of criteria. However, some of our customers have asked if there's a way to display all of the leads on a map so that they can schedule their sales calls more efficiently. That's not something we offer right now (maybe one day!) but recently we've been working with a company called  Badger Maps that has you covered.

Badger will take all of your leads, overlay them on a map, and let you do all kinds of great things from there. For example, if you already know which contacts you need to visit in a day, Badger will create a route for you so that you can make your visits as efficient as possible. If you know you'll be in a certain area, Badger will help you uncover other leads in that area. Badger can even look at your schedule, find openings where you have some time to fill, identify leads nearby, and add it to your schedule and update your route. It's pretty slick.

We don't have full back-and-forth integration with Badger right now (again, hopefully one day) but they'll make the setup process easy. When you sign up with them, just tell their support that you came from LACRM and send them an export of your contacts/leads. They'll get those into your Badger account for you, and they'll even provide a link back to the CRM from each contact in Badger so that you can keep the CRM up to date.

If this sounds like something you'd find helpful, go ahead and check out  Badger Mapping. Of course we'd also like to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think!

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